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Inspiring, iconic, + disruptively innovative storytelling by passionate creatives, curators, + communicators utilizing a game-changing creative process fueled by creative coffee. The creative future of experiential brand identity design: Credible but with a touch of kulit. Timeless but forward-looking. Minimalist to the max. Solution-oriented, systems-based, + gluten-free. Charot! So tara. Let’s find the key to your aesthetic. Get quirky, fun, + playful with me in the eclectic laboratory of Vigi.

What do you stand for?

Saan ka tinatayuan?

And what kind of bird would you be if you were a bird? Let’s dig deeper into you with Vigi’s exclusive Brand PlayshopTM. It’s a slambook pero branded so mas mahal. Because the DNA of your brand is defined by your eagle, dove, or penguin. Your suka not toyo. Your definition of love. Conceive with me a compelling, comprehensive, and consistent identity system that articulates your brand’s persona, leveraging your inner strengths and propelling your brand into its Climax of RelevanceTM.

broken heart

"Pagawaan ng Broken Hearts"

first date

01. First Date

Let’s talk about how to make you happy. Let’s negotiate a contract para legit, and don’t forget your downpayment. No free pitches! Dapat may commitment.



  • Brand Identity
  • Communications
  • Products & Services
  • Market Profile
  • Customer Experience
  • Competitive Audit


Welcome to my Brand PlayshopTM This is where I make bola, whisper to you all the nice things you want to hear. And make you feel loved. <3



  • Identity Systems
  • Print
  • Packaging
  • Website & Mobile
  • Motion
  • Environment
  • Wearable

03. Alam Na!

And then I bear you our lovechild, the branding & design. If you enjoyed it, tell your friends about me.
Tapos don’t forget: your final payment.



  • Integrated Communications
  • Brand Launch
  • Exhibits & Trade Shows
  • Digital Marketing
  • Non-traditional Campaigns

Let's Lookie


You think I'm loko?
See What Vigi can do for you.


The business of illusion. Artist HERBS explains, “In branding, anything goes as long as you can sell it. As long as you have an explanation for every detail: Blue kasi trust and tranquility. ‘Yung font rigid because our brand is built on solid principles. But in the end, puro dicks lang lahat ‘yan.”

Just give me the money bear

Just give me the money

And leave the craft to me: The kerning, the margins, the arguing with the printer. Your classic but contemporary logo, your tagline that millenials can relate to. Plus my witty illustrations to balance out your corporate color palette. . . All arranged into a system so intelligently designed pero with heart pa rin.

Hire Us
Cult of Vigi

"D' Cult of Vigi"

Selected Clients
Selected Clients

Multinational +

  • Maybank
  • Acer
  • Starbucks
  • Unilever
  • Sykes
  • TAD Group

Retail +

  • Gourdo’s
  • LTimeStudio
  • Veloci
  • Asprey
  • Anteparra
  • Chris Sports
  • RUX
  • Simple Touch


  • JobStart (ADB)
  • Ayala Museum
  • Amnesty International
  • Rock Rizal / RockEd

Food & Beverage +

  • K. by Cunanan
  • Orale!
  • Yabu
  • Hotstar
  • Jimalie
  • Kenji Tei
  • PBCo.
  • Spruce
  • Vanilla
  • McWilson Group
  • Bubble Tea
  • Gringo
  • Hotdog on Sticks
  • Big City
  • Sausage & Eggs
  • PlatoWraps
  • Sushi Co.
  • Yumchee
  • Doner
  • KnickerBockers
  • ADHD
  • Colindale
  • Aquatime

Manufacturing +

  • Steeltech
  • Azulejo
  • Tiger Machinery
  • Tisyu
  • Beach Hut
  • Smart Steps
  • PetOne
  • StyroTech

Service +

  • A Space
  • Saga Events
  • Acumen
  • Amcon
  • Whitewidget
  • Alsons
  • MNL.OP
  • Casha

Art +

  • West Gallery
  • Leeroy New

Editorial +

  • Adobo Magazine
  • Monday Magazine
  • Real Living
  • Rogue Magazine

Interior & Architecture +

  • A-11
  • DSFN Architects
  • Buensalido Architects

Health & Beauty +

  • Shinagawa
  • Wink
  • Myst
  • McGraw Pharma

Real Estate +

  • Roxaco
  • Anya Resort & Residences Paradigm
  • Tutuban
  • AtHome

Logistics +

  • Asian Gulf Distributors
  • Great Liberty Motors
  • Aisela


“Thanks to Vigi’s amazing work, more and more investors are falling in love with us. We’re now the biggest co-working network in the Philippines, with branches in Manila and Cebu.”

Matt Sparrow, Spacecake Labs MNL


“Vigi gave us a voice. We’re now teaching more people to live mindfully, to bike pa more and to organic food pa more. Thanks, guys, for being part of the cause.”

Jeniffer Millare, ChachoPH


"Dahil nag-invest ako sa branding at design, bigtime na ang Rod's Kambingan... Meron na akong House & Lot at Montero Sport! Salamat, Vigi, sa pagpapalago ng aking negosyo."

Roderick G. Timbancaya, Rod's Kambingan


"The Brand Playshop was... revelational. My moments with Vigi were engaging, entertaining, and taught me things I never knew about myself. And my bakery."

Tita Belen Rosales-Tan, Redvelvét Cupcakerie


“My formula for success: a game-changing idea, a solid network, and Vigi. Now I’m ready to scale up my startup and penetrate the global market.”

Bottie Belardo, IM-StartupPH


Let's Lugaw

You think I'm hot so bakit hindi?

Let’s get cozy. Let’s get moist. Let’s grind together pa more. Because Vigi is more than a team. I’m a multifaceted, multicultural + multidiscipline commune peopled by all flavors of managers, partners, creatives + creative managing partners, from the whimsical + witty to the serious + studious. Who employ multiple modular methodologies to tackle a multitude of day-to-day challenges, blending science with art + business savvy with our human side. That’s the epic awesomesauce of diversity in design — whoever you are, whatever you do, I’ve got a place in my ♥ for you.




"Cultural Nomad"






"I'm an Artiste
& this is my day job"




You know, we can do what you want kahit it’s not on the list. Give me a ring and let’s incubate your idea.

Look for "Roselle" 0917-583-0523