Kids of Vigi Kids of Vigi

It is 9:46 AM, you wake up to the sound of your phone alarm blasting kanye at a volume not meant for the ears of mortal men. It is 9: 57 AM and you will not be late. Time slows down for you as you tell yourself this. The sky looks either blue or grey and its name is a different Pantone altogether. It is 10: 23 AM and you will not be late. The clock runs backwards for you and you alone. A bird flies in reverse.

kids of vigi

The office is bright and white and the walls are mostly bare. You look up to see eight faces staring. There are nine index cards in your hand. You blink and the cards are now on the walls. The faces stare back and have now multiplied in a haze of questionable resemblance. The markers were missing from the scene of the crime.


There are two levels on the inside of the building. There are no levels on the inside of the building. The stairs lead to the second floor. The stairs lead to the first. The stairs lead to the idea of a start and an end an a hierarchy that extends horizontally into a kitchen. It smells of coffee and it is safe.


A dog so small should not hold a power so great and yet movement in the office has stilled. All eyes and all attention trained on Kikay. Nobody thinks without Kikay’s approval. A name is invoked and it is Kikay’s. Kikay is the goal, the way. She sits on the floor and pants.


Ibañez • Reyes • Billones • Katindig • Santos • Andres • Hernan • Chua • Aquino • Arcilla • Esguerra • DeJesus • Cruz • Dylanco • Yeo • Barayuga • Tumang • Domingo • Tan • Vilela • Amper • Perez • Lee • Ordoñez • Zaide • Pablo • Montalbo • Lin • Barker • Ong • Crisostomo • Tamayo • Flores • Faustino • Ng • Reyes • Fondevilla • Caliwliw • Esmas • Lapan • Dela Cruz • Enaje • Mercado • Bernaldez • Co • Cabatay • Ante • Suller • Galang • Padua • Lampitoc • Tuazon • Jarmin • Jasmin • Banaticla • Tan • Lucban • Coo • Juliano • Dela Cruz • Romero • Barry • Malilin • Asuncion • De La Torre • Lunn • So • Tan • Caragayan • Sison • Delson • Fajardo • Velasco • Alviola • Naval • Cartagena • Espino • Palamos • Simbillo • Santos • Achacoso • Agraan • Huang • Cinco • Kho • Meridores • Lo • Chua • Logro • Florentino • Guevarra • Mallo • Bautista • Pangilinan • Tabuna • Altavano • Ortiz • Ong


There’s a peg for today and that peg is divine core. Halos of energy and light. 7 wings grow out your back to cover your face and hands. Somebody forgot today’s peg, they are wearing brown.

april boy

The people around you are laughing. The people around you are singing. The people around you pour hot wax into their bones and dare God to reshape them in ways that they see fit. Gods reply was sent to spam.


The echo in the room asks a question “What is design, what is art” the molecules in the air do not want to answer. If you say it out loud it won’t come true. Your grandmother once said that. Your grandmother is a wise woman. You blow the candles and make a wish.


Let's Fun!

Let’s design. Let’s writing. Let’s tap-dancing. Let’s photography, documentary, origami. Let’s kwek2. Let’s cuddle sa CR without being judged. Let’s you do our dirty work & don’t get paid. Let’s Bora basta ikaw magbayad. Let’s fill your portfolio with junk and your hearts with memories. Let’s fun sa ship na ëto, where we share the things we love to make & do, where you learn from me & I learn from you.

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